ExtraTekno - CodeCave

Exchange for Skills Transfer and Technology Know-how
Partner: Finnish Embassy

About the project

The Extra-Tekno CodeCave focuses on the Exchange and Transfer of Technology Know-how. The Extra Tekno project strengthens the technology and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Namibia through two key focus areas:

i) the establishment of the CodeCave – a technology space providing shared resources for teaching coding and software development and
ii) an international exchange program focused on effective skills transfer of the necessary skills and know-how to effectively use and apply technology for entrepreneurship.

CodeCave Construction

CodeCave in Action


Having opened its doors in early 2021, this little Tech space provides 5 computers and 10 working stations along with high-speed internet connection. It is accessible to tech-minded people of all age and levels to improve their skills of coding, software development skills, and the use of technology for entrepreneurship.

CodeCave is the perfect space for you no matter whether you are:

  • Want to acquire basic digital skills in Graphic Design, Web Development or E-Commerce
  • You are a tech enthusiast, but lack access to programs to turn your passion into a genuine, money-generating service
  • An organization that wants to offer skills training with an impact

Project Partners

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