Creative Entrepreneurship II

Partner: Goethe Institute

About the project

The Creative Entrepreneurship Programme (CEP) is an incubation programme for the country’s creative minds, carried out in partnership with the Goethe Institute and Startup Namibia.  After a successful completion of the first batch in 2020, the project was renewed in 2021. It offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs in Namibia’s creative industry to nurture and scale their business models with professional help.

Namibia’s creative sector has been identified as one with great potential to create employment and add value to Namibia’s society. However very often, creatives cannot sustain themselves with their products or services alone – during the global pandemic this has become even more difficult.

CEP II aims to help young enterprises grow through business training, mentoring and networking sessions. The programme will cover  business development, entrepreneurial self-understanding, design thinking, marketing and customer research, branding, sales, establishing partnerships, legal issues,  insurances, finance management and pitching.

The programme focuses on three sections within the creative industry in the following sectors: 
• Design: Product & Graphic
• Advertising & Digital Marketing
• Information Communication, Technology Design & Production

++ Update July 2021 +++

After having received close to 200 applications and having done a careful selection, we’re very proud to present you our 2nd Batch of CEP-Participants! Congrats!

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