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Partner: B2Gold

About the project

DoBox Jumpstart Incubation is a Dololo DoBox programme powered by B2Gold Namibia with the objective of supporting talented Namibian entrepreneurs for investment and growth readiness. This initiative brings together passionate and driven Startups who are committed to taking their business ventures to the next level. Participants will get the opportunity to receive extensive business development, incubation and mentorship support to help them grow their businesses as well as achieve financial stability.    

The incubation programme also offers a progressive financing model to teach entrepreneurs how to do financial planning and manage their money effectively. The aim of the programme is to identify, promote and mentor businesses, especially during an economically challenging time. Both B2Gold and DoBox understand the important role Startups play for Namibia‚Äôs economic growth and job creation efforts. The programme will offer targeted support based on the businesses’ needs.

The programme’s first batch will kick-off mid September.

+++ Update 01/2022+++

We have a few open slots for Startups. If you think you’d be a good fit, please send an e-mail to our Project Manager Delia:

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