Training for APLI Fellows

Business Development Workshops for Start-ups and SME's
Partner: African Pathfinder Leaders Initiative

About the project

The African Pathfinder Leaders Initiative (APLI) is a Namibian youth development organization, which develops and mobilizes change-makers, innovators and young  leaders in diverse fields across Namibia.  Since APLI’s launch in 2018, Dololo has been a partner from the onset. When APLI hosted a year-long Fellowship program, with each cohort consisting of 20 participants, Dololo successfully carried out the Pitch Coaching workshop during both January 2019 and 2020 training programme’s. 

Being asked how he perceived the cooperation, APLI cofounder and director Sam Mandela Uutoni stated: 

“Dololo has been instrumental to the development of our Fellows. The Dololo team is  energetic and resourceful, adaptable to our needs as an organisation.  Dololo is a delight to work with and challenged the fellows to be able to pitch in an impromptu  manner. They delivered a well-structured presentation which was easy to follow and engaging  for the participants. In conclusion, I highly recommend Dololo to any institution, as their delivery at APLI is an  indication of how they would work elsewhere. They have been an indispensable asset to APLI.”

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