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Networking & Learning events
for GIZ

Partner: Start-up Namibia, GIZ

About the project

For GIZ, we organized two event series: 1) Six  “Training days” , which provided in-depth training  to early stage businesses. The goal was to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills and ultimately, grow their business. The Training Days were open to entrepreneurs from around the country and all sectors and were typically 4-5 hours long. Topics included: Leadership, digital accounting, digital marketing, communication, business basics and customer relationship management.

2) Ten RAW. workshop sessions were hosted to strengthen the Namibian entrepreneurship ecosystem and brought together diverse stakeholders including idea and early stage entrepreneurs, trainers, institutions and organisations, mentors and businesses. RAW. helps to identifying new business opportunities and provides the necessary support young entrepreneurs need to mature. Topics included Storytelling, sales, business models, cash flow management and brand identity, amongst others.

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