Pitch training at ICT Summit

Partner: IC Tech Hub

About the project

Starting in October 2019, we partnered with Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub (ICTechHub). We offered a pitch training workshop to 20 innovators for the annual ICT Summit. Half  a year later in July 2020, we carried out another pitch training session for the Service Innovation Hackathon. The pitch training sessions focused on all important pitching aspects: Sales, Marketing, overall style of the presentation. 

Marly Muudeni Samuel, Technology Innovations Coordinator stated: “The innovators, the Hackathon teams and the ICTechHub, were extremely pleased with the service Dololo offered. Working with them, I experienced firsthand their enthusiasm, commitment and zeal when delivering entrepreneurship coaching and business development mentorship. The team is passionate about ploughing back into the community by empowering youth with set skills that enable them to be change makers through various targeted interventions. Some of their key ingredients to success has been their commitment to transparency, inclusion and innovative solutions.”

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