Digital Training

Getting your Team up to Speed with Tech

Going digital is not an Option, it is the Default.

“There is no Digital Strategy anymore. Just a strategy in a Digital World” (Steve Jobs)

Studies have found that internet usage in Namibia stands at about 51%*.  And even when people have access to the internet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they know how to use it efficiently. If you want to prepare your staff for the digital future, we’re the right partner for you. We train your employees in basic computer skills and IT knowledge. Our trainings are individualized and customized dependant on the skill level. 

All workshops are designed in an interactive way, in order to engage the participants as much as possible and achieve the highest learning outcomes.


what can we do for you?

Digital Literacy

Do you feel your team is not familiar enough with digital tools, needs practice and guidance through the Tech jungle? We can help!

Advanced Workshops

We are offering advanced-courses in a variety of fields, such as Data Science, Analytics and Graphic Design in our Techspace CodeCave

Digital Pioneer concept

Identify one person in your team to become the Tech-Champ of your company and let us train him! What does your company need to be up to date in IT?

Ready for Tech?